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Circus Inspired Fitness Circus Inspired Fitness



A fitness Education company based around the foundations of circus

Great for circus artists/teachers, dancers/dance teachers, yoga enthusiasts/yoga instructors, crossfitters/trainers, calisthenics athletes/coaches, and anyone looking for a fun and exciting new way to fine-tune their overall strength, flexibility and fitness.



All Levels

The All Levels programs focus on a full body increase range of motion. This means if flexibility training is a completely foreign concept to you and you want to learn how to improve your range of motion to have a better quality of life, this is for you.

If you are a professional dancer who has a good understanding of flexibility training but wants structure and guidance to do the work (because let’s face it, this work is hard to do on your own) this is for you too.


For Advanced athletes that want to take their flexibility to the next level we have options for more advanced students.

Each month we have a class that will focus on a specific goal: Mexican style handstands and elbow stands, Front and back walkovers, Contortion style handstands and elbow stands, Front, back, and side scales…

If you have your own goal, please contact us to create a personalized plan.


We have been offering teacher training certifications since 2014. If you’re a CanfitPro trainer, you will be awarded CECs for our courses.

The Level 1 is perfect for anyone who is already a trainer or a coach and wants to know how to get better results for their students. You will learn how to do so 1-on-1 and in class form both online and in person.

The Level 2 is perfect for anyone that teaches dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts, circus, or martial arts. It will give you the knowledge to safely teach more advanced techniques.




The beginner foundation classes are geared towards anyone who is still working towards being able to consistently balance their handstand away from the wall. If you’ve never done a handstand before but are now compelled to learn, then this is the perfect place to start.

It will make sure that you develop good habits from the beginning. If you’ve been working on your handstand for a while and are getting frustrated that you’re stuck at the wall, then this will start to give you the path towards having a confident handstand away from the wall.


Intermediate: To qualify for the intermediate classes you must be able to consistently hold a 10 second handstand away from the wall. We will work on entrances, exits, and movement in the handstand separately.  This means that there will be focus brought to the specific part of the handstand that we are working on.

Advanced: To qualify for advanced you need to be able to hold a 30 second handstand away from the wall. The exercises we do require more control in your handstand and you will need to be up there for a while to work on the exercises. The intermediate classes will prepare you to be able to do the advanced classes.


Our handstand certifications are also CanfitPro CEC accredited.

The Level 1 is perfect for anyone who wants to turn their handstand practice into a career. You will learn how to do teach online and how to spot (which is a skill all on its own)

The Level 2 is for teaching intermediate and advanced students who want to be able to do more advanced skills such as one arm handstands and flags.

One on Ones

One on one training is being offered for people with some background in Flexibility and Handstands who want to get to that next level. If you have your splits, and your bridge, and you can hold a 10 second handstand and have plateau’d in your journey then let’s make a plan and take you to that next level.

Self Paced Programs


I am currently putting together self paced programs for all of the classes that I offer. This means that if I’m not offering a certain class in a given month you can still work on your goal by following the self paced program. All self paced programs will also give you one month access to the homework club!


Classes are currently being offered as 4 week mini series to give you the structure that you need to be working towards specific goals. Classes currently offered are: Advanced Flexibility, All Levels Flexibility, Handstand Shapes and Transitions, Intro to One Arm Handstands, and Handstand Foundations.


Workshops are a deep dive into specific topics about flexibility, handstands, aerial strength, and acrobatic conditioning. They are sometimes taught by guest instructors so that we can expand the knowledge that we bring to our community.


Certifications are Canfit Pro CEC approved which means that you will receive Continuing Education Credits by completing these courses. They are broken down into modules to allow for course customization. Module 1 of each course is theory which is a pre-requisite for modules 2 and 3. Module 2 will certify you to teach online classes and one on ones. Module 3 will certify you to work with in person students which includes spotting and assisted movements.

Homework Club


This is a way to stay accountable for doing the work necessary to achieve your goals. It’s a chance to do your homework and train with me. I invite you to train with me so that you can have live feedback while you’re practicing what you learned either in class, at a workshop, your one on one sessions, at a certification, or while attempting to do your self paced programming. You will be given access based on what program you’re registered for.

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Meet our Team

We are a passionate group of fitness teachers and instructors

Andralyn Zayn

Andralyn is co-owner of Deflying Fitness and Deflying Feets (a toronto based circus company). She grew up as a competitive gymnast and found circus...

Duane Steel

Duane is co-owner of Deflying Fitness and Deflying Feets (a toronto based circus company). He comes from a background in hockey and other team...

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