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About Deflying Fitness

Deflying Fitness is a fitness training company based around the foundations needed to become a circus performer. Not only are these programs beneficial for circus performers, but they also happen to be great for dancers, yoga enthusiasts, crossfitters, athletes, and anyone looking for a fun and exciting new way to fine-tune their overall strength, flexibility and fitness.

Founded by Andralyn Zayn and Duane Steel–a married couple / circus partnership specializing in Icarian Games. Deflying Fitness offers fitness programs specifically designed to help develop the strength and flexibility required to perform the amazing feats featured in acrobatic circus performances.

Deflying Fitness offers a wide range of strength training, flexibility training and handstand training programs for all levels of ability. Clients can choose from online coaching, personal training, classes, workshops, and teacher trainer certifications.


Andralyn Zayn


Andralyn is co-owner of Deflying Fitness and Deflying Feets (a toronto based circus company). She grew up as a competitive gymnast and found circus right after high school while pursuing stunts and acting. She has been performing since 2001 in Icarian games, hand to hand, duo trapeze, solo trapeze, teeterboard, skyladder, and handbalancing. She studied at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne Australia. She continues to study multiple disciplines in San Francisco, Vancouver, Montreal, and Guadalajara. She has been teaching since 1999 in gymnastics, rock climbing, circus, and fitness and loves seeing people achieve what they once thought was impossible.

In Melbourne, Australia September of 2007, Andralyn created a flexibility class geared towards increasing range of motion in people of all ages and abilities. Since then she has brought those classes to Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto Canada, as well as Albany New York. She provides certifications to help up and coming teachers who already possess some knowledge and interest in the subject of flexibility the opportunity to learn how to teach these classes for themselves.

Since the founding of Deflying Fitness in August of 2013 there are now opportunities to learn how to bring all of circus basics to your teachings and practice. She has created certifications that are nationally recognized for Flexibility, Handstands, Aerial Strength, and Acrobatic Fitness.

Duane Steel


Duane is co-owner of Deflying Fitness and Deflying Feets (a toronto based circus company). He comes from a background in hockey and other team sports. After trying circus for the first time in 2009 on his first date with his now wife he fell in love with both her and the circus. He has since been performing as an Icarian games base, hand to hand base, foot juggling, teeterboard pusher, and juggler.

He has been working as a professional circus base since 2010. He brings his expertise of basing Icarian games, and Hand to Hand to the team at Deflying. He has also been studying foot juggling, and ball and club juggling. It is a great compliment to understanding how to base a human being.

He is also certified in all of the Deflying Fitness courses and has been assisting Andralyn since the opening of Deflying Fitness in 2013.