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Endurance is one of the most important elements needed in your handstand training

Basic Handstand Endurance

When working on endurance, you can use one of
four different positions (in order of difficulty, easiest to hardest): face down on the floor, stomach against the wall, spotted free handstand, or unspotted
free handstand. (You can also do the endurance progressions in front support, on elbows, 1⁄2 handstand with feet elevated, get creative!)

Regardless of your level, it’s worth training in each of these positions. Whichever level you decide to start with, if you fail during your set then fall back to an easier position. For example, if you start your set with a handstand against the wall and you fail, finish the set with your stomach on the floor. Make sure when moving to an easier position that you always maintain the intention of perfect form.

During the endurance exercise, you’re working your way up to holding a 5 minute handstand. Start with 7 sets that total 5 minutes and work up to the entire 5 min in just 1 set.

After each set, rest for the same amount of time as the set you just completed. For example, doing 7 sets you will hold for 60 seconds, rest 60 seconds, hold 60, rest 60, hold 45, rest 45, hold 45, rest 45, hold 30, rest 30, hold 30, rest 30, hold 30.

Progressions to 5 min

  • 7 sets: 60/60/45/45/30/30/30
  • 6 sets: 90/60/45/45/30/30
  • 5 sets: 90/60/60/45/45
  • 4 sets: 90/90/60/60
  • 3 sets: 120/90/90
  • 3 sets: 120/120/60
  • 3 sets: 150/120/30
  • 2 sets: 150/150
  • 2 sets:180/120
  • 2 sets: 210/90
  • 2 sets: 240/60
  • 2 sets: 270/30
  • 1 set: 300


Find Your Max

The “find your max” endurance exercise you also work towards 5 min total. Again, however long you’re up, that’s how long you rest. In this exercise, however,
you don’t have any pre-determined time that you

are working towards. You’re always pushing for your max. The goal is to get the 5 min done in as few sets as possible.
For example:

Set 1: 2 min 23 sec up (rest 2 min 23 sec)
Set 2: 1 min 47 sec up (rest 1 min 47 sec) = 4 min 10 sec
Set 3: 50 sec Finish

If you’re working at the wall or with a spotter then you can go until muscle failure, and if you want
to challenge your balance then you can do a free handstand. If you’re doing a free handstand then you should be able to hold a free handstand for at least 60 sec. Try to make the first set as long as possible.


Balance Training

This exercise takes only 5 min total. I find that this is a great exercise for handbalancers who are just starting to learn how to balance on their own. You set the timer for 5 min, and for the entire time try to get into your handstand and hold it for as long as possible. Even if you can only hold a handstand for 1 sec, every now and then during the 5 min you’ll get one that floats.

It makes it so you stop thinking too much and just physically go thru the movements. Often thinking
too much is what holds us back, this turns that off
and when done at the end of a training session is a great way to let the body remember the exercises done during the session.

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