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Gravity splits

On May 21, 2013

Gravity splits are a way to have weight or pressure helping you to increase your flexibility without needing a partner. However, be careful you don’t get stuck!

Make sure you don’t go too heavy too fast. Start with a small amount of weight, you can use plates held on by a rope, or ankle weights, or tie soup canes onto your feet, whatever you have available to add weight.

You want to find a piece of wall that is clear enough for the length of your legs. The most important thing is to make sure that your bum is touching the wall creating a 90 degree angle at your hips.

When you add the weight to your feet (the middle of your foot, not your ankle. You’ll understand once you try to get out of the stretch.) You’re going to want to have your feet close to each other and your legs bent. Once the weight is attached, straighten your legs so they’re sticking up straight and slowly lower them to the limit of your flexibility.

Stay in the stretch for 5-10 deep breaths. Never stay in too long (2 min ABSOLUTE MAX) 30 seconds will do. I always count stretches by breath because I find that when the focus is on time it takes the focus away from breathing. The breathing is what is important for relaxing the muscles and increasing your flexibility.

When you’re getting out of the stretch, if possible, tuck your legs in and remove the weights with your hands. If that’s not possible, try and lean to one side to let the weight fall off your foot and then do the same for the other side. Grab your knees and give yourself a good squish.

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