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Circus Fitness Certifications

It can be hard as a trainer, coach, or instructor to continually find new ideas that inspire you and your students. Everyone knows they should stretch more; who doesn’t want to to be stronger and have better control of their own bodies, but sometimes the usual drills and practices used to accomplish these goals start to get a bit old for both instructor and student. Fitness is above movement and energy and should never be a drag!

With the Deflying Fitness Teacher Trainer Certifications, we offer new approaches to training that you can share with your students and use to revolutionize your own practice.

We are not saying everyone has to strive to become a circus performer, nor take some of the risks involved in that path,  but there is a science to the art of circus, the same as any traditional sport, and there are techniques that can apply to everyone. It’s fun too!

They say if you only have a hammer, every problem is a nail. Well our certified trainers add a whole new tool box and are ready for any training challenges that come their way.

Benefits of Certification

Beyond the knowledge and experience, there are other benefits to becoming part of the Deflying Fitness family.

  • Our trainers receive discounts on all of our workshops and equipment
  • Our trainers have special access to our website with up-to-date content on everything taught at their certification
  • Deflying Fitness Certifications are accredited for CECs with canfitpro.

Flexibility Certifications

Aerial Strength Certifications

Handstand Certifications

Partner Acro Certifications