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Flexibility Certifications

Ah the mysterious world of flexibility!  After tens of thousands of years of human movement, we are still debating the value of sufficient flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. As we cover in many of our flexibility articles, flexibility is one of the core physical qualities that everything else rests upon whether in the circus or out there in the real world.

Deflying Fitness Flexibility Certification
Level One

At our level one certification, students learn how to safely and effectively increase flexibility and range of motion for both beginner and intermediate students. Many techniques are taught drawing on many different training methodologies from circus, martial arts, and dance.

Some Topics Covered:

  • Discover the value of focused flexibility training no matter your other training goals
  • Many new flexibility techniques and how to get the most from stretching alone or with a partner
  • How to properly program flexibility for clients whether they’re inflexible or contortionists
  • How to create an effective group flexibility class that gets results
  • A proven system for measuring progress to keep your clients motivated

Deflying Fitness Flexibility Certification
Level Two

Level two builds on the principles learned in level one but takes it up a notch. Skills learned here will be appropriate for training intermediate and advanced students. Level two students will also need to demonstrate a fairly advanced level of flexibility to pass the course.