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Circus Fitness Training

us2Add some exciting new challenges to your fitness program. Inspired by the strength and flexibility required to perform the incredible acrobatics you see at the circus, Deflying Fitness offers exercise programs to help you reach your fitness goals in a truly unique way.

You can join our online fitness classes from anywhere in the world, or try our one-on-one training or workshops in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Taught by a certified trainer, our exercise programs are designed for all levels, and can help you become a stronger, more flexible and better all-around athlete. Whether you’re a yogi, dancer, circus performer, crossfitter, or just someone who wants to be excited about working out again, Deflying Fitness is your answer.

We’ve developed our circus-inspired exercise programs based on over 20 years experience in strength and flexibility arts. Learn more about us.

Flexibility Training

andyflexWish you could touch your toes? Or are you looking to improve your yoga practice? Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, our classes can help you improve your flexibility, which can be beneficial for many different athletic pursuits. Learn more about our flexibility training programs.

Handstand Training

handstand-figure (1)Learn how to do a handstand or improve your skills with our unique classes designed to make you an expert at balancing your body weight on your hands. Practicing handstands is a great form of cross training for everyone! Learn more about our handstand training.

 Strength Training

strengthGet stronger while improving your overall fitness with our circus-inspired strength training classes for all levels. Unlike the monotony of weight training machines, our fun yet challenging exercises use your body as resistance, helping to develop your overall strength rather than just focusing on a few areas. Learn more about our strength training programs.