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Circus Fitness Workshops

We offer a number of different circus fitness workshops. They can be tailored for groups of various sizes and mixed and match to create the perfect event.

Compared to our classes or one-on-one training, our workshops are a more intensive experience where we immerse students in one or more circus related fitness topics. You’ll walk away with some unique experiences, a huge amount of new information, and hopefully a new take on your training.

Generally our workshops are open to all adults (unless children are specifically included, or special agreements have been made) and no prior experience or skill is required. This does not mean our workshops are for beginners only! One of the advantages of circus is that everyone is always a beginner at some level. If you’re having ┬átrouble dragging yourself off the couch, we’ll find something to inspire you. If you’re already a master of movement, we’ll find something to make you feel like a beginner again.

Upcoming workshops