Flexibility Certification – Level One, Vancouver

Become more comfortable in your own body! This circus flexibility certification is for strength coaches, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, dance teachers, or anyone else who wants a new perspective on mobility and flexibility.

Whether you’re a stretching cynic, or already promote flexibility in your practice, let professional circus performers show you how it’s done in their world.

At our level one certification, students learn how to safely and effectively increase flexibility and range of motion for both beginner and intermediate students. Many techniques are taught drawing on many different training methodologies from circus, martial arts, and dance.

What will be covered:

  • Discover the value of focused flexibility training no matter your other training goals

  • Many new flexibility techniques and how to get the most from stretching alone or with a partner

  • How to properly program flexibility for clients whether they’re inflexible or contortionists

  • How to create an effective group flexibility class that gets results

  • A proven system for measuring progress to keep your clients motivated

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