All Levels Flexibility Classes Toronto

Visibly increase your flexibility in only 6 weeks!

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This class has been developed from a combination of gymnastics, dance, circus, martial arts, yoga, and pilates devoted to increasing your flexibility!

This class is for all ages and all flexibility levels—absolute beginner to contortionist

It goes very well in combination with yoga, dance, or any other cross training activity in which you stretch as a warm up to maintain your flexibility during the week. However, if you only have time for this class you will still notice a major difference in your flexibility by the end of the 6 weeks.

This course covers

  • general stretching
  • over splits and bridges
  • partner stretching
  • resistance stretching
  • active flexibility

Photos and measurements are taken at the beginning and ending of the course to track your progression.

Classes will now be held at Cornerstone Studios 1519 Gerrard St E in the Small Studio

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