Flexibility Level 2 Certification – Toronto

Take your flexibility training and teaching to the next level!


  • Deflying Fitness Flexibility Level 1 Certification
  • Left, right, and middle splits must be within 2″ of the floor
  • Bridge must be on the floor with straight arms

This certification is for strength coaches, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, dance teachers, and circus coaches.

Now that you know how to gain range from yourself and your clients you need to make sure that have control over that range. This will help you will clients who are already hyper-mobile to clients wanting to gain stability in the new range they are creating thru improved range of motion.

Topics covered:

  • Active flexibility for lower body
  • Active flexibility for upper body
  • Active flexibility for the back
  • Safely working towards chest stand
  • Contortion elbow stands and handstands
  • Safe programming
  • Advanced partner stretches



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