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Handstand Certification Toronto Sept 22/23

 Do you want to learn how to spot different types of handstands? Or maybe you want to know exercises to perfect your line to start working on your one arm handstand? Then this course is for you!

Learning how to teach a handstand will make you better at handstands. Being able to do a good handstand won’t make you better at teaching them. There is so much you can learn about what is going wrong in your practice by helping someone else fix theirs. It gives you the chance to observe what could be going wrong from the outside.

Topics covered:

  • beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises
  • spotting
  • programming for group classes
  • programming for yourself
  • programming for one on one
  • working towards a goal
  • flexibility for handstands
  • wrist strengthening

Canfitpro and BCRPA CEC approved course

This course will be taking place at Strengthbox. Unit 5 – 45 Cranfield Road Toronto, ON

It will be taking place from noon – 8pm Saturday September 22 and noon – 8pm Sunday September 23

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