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If you train your patterning enough,  your brain will create new connections that will become permanent. This means that you can maintain technical gains in your training even if you take a break. You will lose strength and endurance but you body and mind will remember where you were before the break.”
This ebook was created because a friend of mine sent me this message:
“…I’m getting a good understanding of the anatomy of the muscles, but not very good information about the best way to stretch.It’s my understanding that it has a lot to do with controlling the stretch itself, but some say static is best, others say active stretching with weights is better. Along with how long and frequent.”
This is a pretty loaded question and it’s a very common confusion based on the information that’s available.”
Endurance training is one of the most important elements of handstand training. With every new piece of the handstand puzzle you learn and understand it is always your endurance that will be holding you back. Each part of technique needs to be trained for endurance to make it possible to progress to the next level.”
I find that whether I’m teaching beginners or advanced students, the questions that I always get are; how do I make this easier and how do I make this more challenging. My goal with this e-book is to give you some methods that I use to get the answers to those questions. In other words I will teach you how to fish rather than just feeding you fish for dinner.”
“I always tell people “you can improve at the skill you’re trying to achieve by learning how to teach it, but you don’t get better at teaching by just working on the skill”………..In this e-book I will be discussing the differences in the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, and HOW that I use to troubleshoot how to give feedback to a student.”
Middle splits can be super frustrating, and for some people, emotionally taxing. I want to clear up a fear that many people have that needs to be said; you will not split in half by working on your middle splits! You would be surprised by the number of people that I’ve worked with who have this irrational fear. 
In this ebook I will be going over some common issues that people have training towards their middle splits.”