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Handstand Training

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Achieve the next level in your handstand


Improve your posture and overall body strength with Deflying Fitness handstand training. Our training programs cater to all levels, so whether you’ve never done a handstand or want to perfect your technique, we can help!

Certified trainer Andralyn Zayn has studied the art of handbalancing all over the world, and can teach anyone how to balance on their hands with ease. Handstand training not only helps you impress your friends, but it also develops your stabilizing muscles, which improves your body alignment and posture.

Learning how to do proper handstands is an essential part of circus fitness training, and it’s also great for dancers, yoga instructors, and everyday people! Why not try a fun and challenging new way to get stronger?

Find Handstand Training Near You

You can take our online classes from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the world! We also offer one-on-one training and workshops in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

To find an option that works for you, check out our handstand training schedule.

Gym Owners and Yoga Studios – Host a Handstand Workshop!

Deflying Fitness can provide handstand training for your gym members or yoga students. Why not add a workshop to your class schedule? To learn more, contact us.