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One on Ones

One on one training is being offered for people with some background in Flexibility and Handstands who want to get to that next level. If you have your splits, and your bridge, and you can hold a 10 second handstand and have plateau’d in your journey then let’s make a plan and take you to that next level.

Self Paced Programs


I am currently putting together self paced programs for all of the classes that I offer. This means that if I’m not offering a certain class in a given month you can still work on your goal by following the self paced program. All self paced programs will also give you one month access to the homework club!


Classes are currently being offered as 4 week mini series to give you the structure that you need to be working towards specific goals. Classes currently offered are: Advanced Flexibility, All Levels Flexibility, Handstand Shapes and Transitions, Intro to One Arm Handstands, and Handstand Foundations.


Workshops are a deep dive into specific topics about flexibility, handstands, aerial strength, and acrobatic conditioning. They are sometimes taught by guest instructors so that we can expand the knowledge that we bring to our community.


Certifications are Canfit Pro CEC approved which means that you will receive Continuing Education Credits by completing these courses. They are broken down into modules to allow for course customization. Module 1 of each course is theory which is a pre-requisite for modules 2 and 3. Module 2 will certify you to teach online classes and one on ones. Module 3 will certify you to work with in person students which includes spotting and assisted movements.

Homework Club


This is a way to stay accountable for doing the work necessary to achieve your goals. It’s a chance to do your homework and train with me. I invite you to train with me so that you can have live feedback while you’re practicing what you learned either in class, at a workshop, your one on one sessions, at a certification, or while attempting to do your self paced programming. You will be given access based on what program you’re registered for.