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Duane Steel

On March 21, 2020

Duane is co-owner of Deflying Fitness and Deflying Feets (a toronto based circus company). He comes from a background in hockey and other team sports. After trying circus for the first time 9 years ago on his first date with his now wife he fell in love with both her and the circus. He has since been performing as an Icarian games base, hand to hand base, foot juggling, teeterboard pusher, and juggler.

He has been working as a professional circus base for 8 years. He brings his expertise of basing Icarian games, and Hand to Hand to the team at Deflying. He has also been studying foot juggling, and ball and club juggling. It is a great compliment to understanding how to base a human being.

He is also certified in all of the Deflying Fitness courses and has been assisting Andralyn since the opening of Deflying Fitness in 2013.


  • Deflying Fitness Arobatics Level 1
  • Deflying Fitness Handstands Level 1
  • Deflying Fitness Flexiiblity Level 1
  • Deflying Fitness Aerial Strength Level 1
  • Ecole Leotard (Yury Bozyan, and Irina Bozyan)
  • Flexibility Classes (Andralyn Zayn)
  • Handstands Classes (Andralyn Zayn)
  • The Underground Circus (Peter Boulanger and Ninon Parent)
  • The Circus Center (Lu Yi)
  • Circus West
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