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Beginner Handstand Foundations – Starts Aug 8

Beginner Handstand Foundations – Starts Aug 8

Join us for some quarantined Handstand training

While we are all practicing social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID 19, we will be offering online classes to keep you on track for your handstand goals. We understand that this situation has made it so that some people are financially struggling, while others are still able to continue working. Therefore we are offering these classes on a sliding scale to accommodate as many situations as possible.

Class dates:

  • Aug 8 9am EDT
  • Aug 15 9am EDT
  • Aug 22 9am EDT
  • Aug 29 9am EDT

Pre-requisites for Beginner:

There are NO pre-requisites for the beginner class. This class will cover all of the basic skills you need to build a solid foundation for your handstand practice. 4 weeks is not enough time to cover everything so each series we will cover different basics. You will find out that each time you take the course you will understand something new. We can only retain so much information so come and learn with a group of people who are all putting in the work together.

How it works

Please download zoom https://zoom.us/ and ensure you have a good internet connection before the start time of your scheduled class. Once you’ve registered, you will be sent a link that you can use for all 4 of the classes. Make sure you have enough space available in the room you will be using so that you won’t be hitting anything.

Class sizes are limited so be sure to register ahead of time to guarantee your spot

You must register by 7am Saturday August 8

All class times are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

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Product Description

This is a 1 hour class geared towards beginner handbalancers. Each class we will do a quick and efficient warm up, and we will always finish off with an endurance exercise. The majority of the class will be working on basic foundational exercises such as:

  • Patterning
  • Finding your balance
  • Troubleshooting your line
  • How to get away from the wall
  • How to get into a handstand
  • Headstand transitions

In addition to the class you will also have the opportunity to be a part of the Homework Club at no additional cost!

I will be hosting a zoom training session Tuesdays and Fridays at 5:30pm EDT. It’s a scheduled time where we can all do our training together and have some accountability. It also means that you can ask questions about your homework if you’re getting stuck LIVE because I will also be doing my training during that time. I only ask that you wait until I’m right side up before you ask 😉

Event Details

Day 1: August 08, 2020

Day 2: August 15, 2020

Day 3: August 22, 2020

Day 4: August 29, 2020

Start time: 10:00 a.m. EDT

End time: 11:00 a.m. EDT

Email: info@deflyingfitness.com