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Category: One on One Training

In all of my one on one packages my goal is to make sure that you will be successful in achieving the goals you set out to do. I offer 3 different packages to work with you in whatever suits your lifestyle and training habits.

All of the packages include a program tailored to your goals, frequency of training, and where this goal sits in your priority list. Your program will be adjusted once a month to tweak things that weren’t working or to progress to the next level now that you’ve achieved the goal of the previous program.

With each program you get free access to my homework club to help keep you accountable, get live answers to questions while you do your homework, and to give you the opportunity to train with other people.

In order to get started with your one on one training your first step will be to establish your handstand or flexibility goal. Once you know what it is I will need either photos or video of where you’re starting from.

If you don’t know what you want to work towards I would suggest trying out some of the classes first to get some clarity on what you’re trying to achieve.

I require a three month commitment once we start working together. After that we can switch to month to month, but the initial three months is key to building your habits, your routine, and your consistency. I want to make sure you achieve your goal as much as you want to achieve it.

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