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Training Programs

Deflying Fitness offers several options for getting some circus-inspired fitness training into your life! If you don’t see something that fits your needs, we’d be happy to discuss other options. To learn more, contact us.

Personal Training

Deflying Fitness offers private and semi-private circus, strength, flexibility and handstand training in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver as schedule allows. We also have certified instructors throughout Canada and the United Status.

You can now book a training session through our website. This is both for online training and in-person training if we are available in your city.

Form more information, contact us.

Online Personal Training

If you are not able to train with us in person, our approach to online training is also very effective. With dozens of happy students we know how to make this modern approach to training work for you.

Form more information, contact us.

Circus Workshops

A day or weekend training like a circus performer! We offer both focused and general circus fitness workshops throughout Canada, primarily in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. If you’d like to bring a unique experience  to your gym or dance studio or yoga studio. contact us.

Find out more about our workshops

Circus Training Certifications

For trainers, instructors, coaches, or keen students, get certified and learn training techniques developed from how real circus performers train! Our certifications go beyond our workshops to teach you how to properly share your new knowledge with others, safely and effectively.

Find out more about our certifications


We are currently giving classes and private training in Montreal, Canada. please contact us for schedule and more information.

Classes in Vancouver, Canada are currently on hold. Please contact us if you are interested in Vancouver classes (or anywhere else).

 Online Fitness Classes Inspired by the Circus

No matter where you are, you can try this exciting new way to get fit, strong and flexible! Our strength training (link to Strength), flexibility training (link to Flexibility) and handbalancing (link to Handstand) classes are available online, so you can do them at home from anywhere in the world. You can also access previous classes to try at your convenience.
View our online class schedule